Carotin Pawlak was born in the wilds of Northern British Columbia where bears and moose roam free. She has had an interesting life of extremes ranging from the -40 degree weather of British Columbia to the sweltering heat of Central America where she lived with her parents when they became missionaries. She has lived in the luxury of Switzerland and the poverty of Poland, and traveled to over 17 different countries, experiencing joys, tragedies, and even kidnapping from the Mount of Olives.

While in Poland, she authored three books: one on diet during pregnancy, lactation and childhood, and two of vegetarian recipes based on Eastern European food supplies. So far 100,000 copies have been sold, and she just signed a contract with a publishing house in Russia.

At Face Value

All too often, we, as women, measure our VALUE based on our performance of VITAL functions set by today's society.

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