Magerova Tatijana Koltakova was born in Arkangelszk, Russia. When she was one year old, her parents emigrated to Estonia. She was reared under Soviet rule by atheists parents. She heard very little about Jesus Christ until she turned 24 years old. She and her husband were married in 1986. Their lives consisted mostly on drugs and alcohol.

Meeting Jesus changed everything. On May 19, 1990, they gave their hearts to Jesus. In 1992, her husband started his ministerial studies at the seminary and became a pastor. Magerova's life has completely changed. Love, joy, and peace, that can only be /Mind in God, now fills her heart. She has three children. She helps her husband serve his churches, and she is director of the Rehabilitation Center for Drug and Alcohol addiction Today, she has meaning in her life—to rescue fellow human beings.

God's Promises

Finding and trusting God's promises.

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