Judith writes from her experiences as a missionary and as a primary school teacher in Adventist schools. She and her husband have two children and live in Venezuela. She is happy to be a pastor's wife and feels privileged to help in the work of God.

I Proved His Promise

I am sure that if you will use your abilities, ask for wisdom, and do things to glorify God, He will give you strength.

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Children in the Glass House

As I watch my children grow and mature,I pray that God will put a hedge around them to keep them safe from the critical words of people, that they will be safe from the harmful effects of bad associations, that they will be protected from the influence of people who just want to have fun and don’t see the need to listen to Jesus.

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Loneliness in the Pastoral Family

Through our many experiences, we learn and grow and look forward to the blessings God has reserved for us in His providence.

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