Jill Pauline Briscoe is just that ... real ... down to earth, disarmingly honest ... with a well adjusted, healthy outlook on her gifts, her family, her ministry.

Jill was born in Liverpool, England. She and her husband, Stuart, ministered with Capernwray Missionary Fellowship in England where Jill worked with young people as Youth Director.

Jill is fay advisor to theWornen's Ministry at Elmbrook Church now, where Stuart pastors, and she is director of "Telling the Truth" media ministry. She is editor of Just Between Us, a magazine for ministry wives and women in ministry.

This article appeared in Sunday to Sunday, Fall 1988

Sending Your Children to Meet Goliath

It's hard for pastors' kids to fight Goliath with all Israel watching.

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Time Not Things

This Christmas we may be poor as this world counts riches, but in giving ourselves to each other without reservation, as Jesus did that first Christmas night, we can all know wealth beyond anything this poor world might have to offer!

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Be an Encourager

Have you ever run into someone in your fellow­ship who tells you that you are not qualified to help people with deep problems?

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Ministry Wives Need Friends Too

God intends to meet all our needs. But He meets them through certain instruments, one of them being close and meaningful relationships.

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