Unlike the pastors, their spouses are usually unprepared when they enter the ministry. Although many are armed with a strong sense of commitment, and dedication, pastors’ spouses can benefit from suggestions, training and mentorship. The purpose of this guide is to provide professional and spiritual insights into the ministry of a pastor’s spouse.


  1. So You Are a Shepherdess
  2. Coping with the Challenges of Being A Pastor’s Wife
  3. The Role of a Pastor’s Wife
  4. Communication Keys
  5. Enriching Your Walk
  6. Prayer in the Lives of Women
  7. Raising Responsible Children
  8. Managing Conflict Creatively
  9. Help, Lord! I’m A Parent!
  10. What Husbands Want their Wives to Know about Men
  11. Mastering Time Management
  12. Money Management in Marriage
  13. Anger and Forgiveness
  14. The Pastor’s Wife and Loneliness
  15. Strengthening and Enriching Relationships
  16. The Pastor’s Wife and her Dress
  17. Women and Self-esteem
  18. The Other Women in Your Husband’s Life
  19. Signs of Trouble in a Pastoral Marriage
  20. Shepherdess Rap Session Ideas